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Modern Narrow Boat

7.5cm x 10.5cm    14hpi      



14cm x 20.5cm    14hpi      


Silhouettes - Canal Crossing

5” x 5”    14hpi      


Silhouettes - The Lock

5” x 5”    14hpi      


By The Canal

5” x 5”    14hpi      


Lock Keeper’s Cottage

5” x 5”   14hpi      


Canal Reflections

25.5cm diameter    14hpi      


Under the Bridge

8¼” x 11¾”    14hpi      


Traditional Narrow Boat

8.5cm x 9.5cm    14hpi      


The Junction

8¼” x 11¾”     14hpi      



21cm x 13.5cm



Sunsets -



7¾” x 5½”



Sunsets -



7¾” x 5½”



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Through the Lock

7½” x 11½”     14hpi      


Canal Art Castles

12cm x 17cm    14hpi      


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Lowry - Canal Bridge

33 x 26cm  14hpi


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Funky Houseboat

34 x 25cm    14hpi      


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